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Urine Deflection Systems 

Public urination has always been a problem in many cities in the UK. Despite the local authorities’ effort to deter offenders, a morning stroll in a city’s nightlife hotspots will help you see that it is still a growing problem. If your home or business is regularly drenched by the urine of these inconsiderate citizens, you might be trying so hard to look for a solution to combat this huge problem.

Over the years, urine deflection systems have been adopted in many cities in the UK to help eliminate this problem. The system has helped private individuals, businesses, and local authorities save on clean-up costs and prevent health problems caused by constant and prolonged breathing of sharp ammonia odours from urine. With these systems applied on your walls, the urine will bounce back to the person’s shoe or pants and would make him look for the nearest urinals instead the next time.

High-Quality Urine Deflection Systems

At PureSeal Services, we supply and apply urine deflection systems – specialist coatings that can help property owners combat the problem of urination. By applying these coatings to your outside walls, the public urinator would never go back and instead, they will find another spot to relieve or empty their bladders.

PureSeal Services is a hard surface restoration company that is dedicated to helping clients with all their property restoration needs.  Our wide technical knowledge of various types of surface restoration processes and excellent customer service have helped us gain the trust of all our clients.  From private individuals to businesses and organisations, our wide range of clientele has always relied on our expertise for all their hard surface restoration needs.

We have the ability to create high-quality urine deflection systems to combat the urination problem in your buildings or alleys. These coatings can help you solve the problem of constant exposure to strong urine odour and the huge cost of clean-up. We guarantee peace of mind and immediate financial benefit of preventing costly clean-up and health problems caused by inconsiderate citizens.

Our team also offers soft washing services and are approved applicators of a vast range of chemicals including HSE-approved biocides, oxidizers, surface coatings, and more.

Get to know more about our urine deflection systems and other products and services by speaking to one of our specialists. You may call us on 0333 577 8086 or email info@puresealservices.co.uk to enquire or book our services.

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