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Render Cleaning and Treatments

How visitors see your property’s exterior at first glance can leave a lasting impression. If they see dark stains and algae dominating your building’s will, it could leave a negative impression not only on your establishment but also on the reputation of your business.

A regular render cleaning should be a part of every property’s maintenance schedule. This will ensure that your building will look clean and in excellent condition all year round. They also need to be treated to prevent the organic and visually unattractive growth from growing and damaging your property’s exterior aesthetics.

When it comes to cleaning wall rendering, a gentle cleaning method such as softwashing is necessary to prevent damaging the surface. Render has a porous and delicate surface so using high-pressure water can result in an uneven finish, unpleasant look, and long-term damage to your property’s exterior.

Tired of seeing the unsightly algae and dirt stains on your rendered walls? Book our specialist render cleaning and treatment services at PureSeal Services UK Ltd. We guarantee to give your rendering a detailed and high-quality cleaning and treatment using a gentle approach. We offer services for all sizes of properties including commercial, historical, and government facilities.

Detailed Render Cleaning and Treatments

PureSeal Services UK Ltd is a team of highly trained cleaning technicians who use safe and reliable cleaning techniques when tackling different types of dirty surfaces. We have been in the trade for over years and have been cleaning various kinds of property exteriors.

Our team is known for our softwashing technique which is a low-pressure alternative to pressure washing. We combine our softwashing technique with HSE-approved and label-compliant biocides to safely and effectively remove bacteria, fungus, algae, and other types of unattractive organic growth that do not only affect a building’s aesthetic but can also damage its credibility.

The chemicals we use are safe and have zero risk of damaging your wall rendering. They are developed by our in-house chemists and are guaranteed to provide an effective cleaning with much longer results. With proper chemical application and detailed cleaning, rest assured that we will leave your property in the best physical condition.

To book our team for your render cleaning and treatments needs, feel free to contact us on 0333 577 8086 to speak to one of our specialists. You may also email us your appointment requests and enquiries through email at info@puresealservices.co.uk.

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