Water Based AcryliSeal


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PureSeal Water Based AcryliSeal is a water borne dual core acrylic polymer which offers outstanding performance on most surfaces. It provides a hard wearing and weatherproof seal to block paving, paths and patios. If you are using this product to solidify the sand joints in block paving, this could take up to 3 coats. This sealer gives a satin finish which repels dirt, oil, fuel stains. enhances the surface finish and inhibits the growth of moss and algae.

AcryliSeal is a solvent free sealer that penetrates deep in to the substrate, improving the lifetime of the the surface and decreasing erosion whilst enhancing the surface colour. It is hard wearing and makes the surface easier to clean. A single coat will provide a low sheen with 2 or 3 coats increasing this.

Always do a test patch prior to use. It is important that after the first coat, any additional coats should be applied before the first coat fully cures. Apply an even coat with a brush, roller or sprayer avoiding runs, drips or puddling by removing excess product from the surface. We find that a leaf blower is perfect for this job.

Coverage is up to 5m2 per litre depending on the porosity of the surface.

(Water Based AcryliSeal)

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