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Timber Shield Pro is a high performance, solvent free, penetrating, repellant sealer for timber substrates. Formulated using the latest technology to give outstanding results and durability. No change to the texture or the colour of the treated timber. Water based so the substrate can breathe naturally.

Ensure that the surface to be treated is dry, clean and free from any contaminants including dust, dirt, oil, grease, algae and mould. Any previous coatings need to be completely removed prior to application. Algae, moss and spores must be treated and removed with a good quality algicide designed for this purpose. All residues of the algicide need to be removed and allowed to dry before applying Timber Shield Pro.

Timber Shield Pro is supplied ready to use and should not be diluted. Shake the container well before use.

Apply using a brush or sprayer.

Apply an even, saturated coat at at a rate of 4-6m2 per litre. Once the first coat starts to soak in, apply a further wet on wet coat. This method gives deeper penetration in to the substrate. Do not allow the product to dry in between applications.

Avoid runs, drips and puddling by removing excess product from the surface as you go.

Fully dry after 24 hours.

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