SynergyClean Pro

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Professional grade heavy duty cleaner

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SynergyClean Pro

  • SynergyClean Pro is a concentrated, heavy-duty cleaner that has many industrial and commercial cleaning applications.
  • It’s been developed to cover a wide range of applications.
  • It can be used at several different dilution ratios depending on the soiling that needs removing.
  • It’s high foam formulation makes it ideal for cleaning industrial cladding, plant and equipment, it’s fast acting and rinses easily.
  • It can be applied via pressure spray, water fed pole, foam sprayer or with a brush and works well with hot or cold pressure washers.
  • This product can be used for general cleaning (1:20), stubborn stains (1:5) and soot/fire damage (1:3).
When using SynergyClean Pro to treat oil stains, it is important to establish the type of oil, how long the oil stain has been on the surface for and the type of surface the stain is on/in. There are so many different variants when it comes to oil, some can be removed easily, some are impossible to remove. The key is to treat the stain as soon as possible to prevent the oil penetraing deep in to the surface. For stubborn oil, we recommend cleaning the area with SynergyClean first and then treat stubborn stains with OilClear Pro. Don’t over promise with your customers when treating oil stains. They can’t always be removed.

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5 Litres, 10 Litres, 20 Litres

5 reviews for SynergyClean Pro

  1. Gemma willoughby (verified owner)

    My go to chem, amazing product! Does a great job on lots of different surfaces.

  2. Tony – blitzed it UK (verified owner)

    Great product

  3. Dominic Veal

    Excellent product, makes light work of dirt and grease, The dirt literally melts away.

  4. Steve Hyne (verified owner)

    Outstanding product. Mainly used for UPVC, conservatory cleans and cladding. Have used many different products over the years and this by far is the best.

  5. (verified owner)

    Game changer. Brilliant product for cladding etc.

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