SpillClear Pro – 5 LitresSpillClear Pro – 5 Litres

SpillClear Pro – 5 Litres


For Fast Absorbtion Of A Vast Majority Of Spills Including Chemicals

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SpillClear Pro – 5 Litres

SpillClear Pro is our spill granules in a 5 litre bucket. Outstanding performance when it comes to clearing up chemical spills (excluding Hydrochloric Acid).

Each litre will contain and absorb 10 litres of escaped liquid. Not only will it clear up your spillages effectively, it is anti-bacterial and will leave non-slip surface once the spillage has been removed.

Because of the super absorbency of the granules, you cantain all spills and run off instantly protecting your customers and the environment.

Simply apply to the spillage using the scoop provided going around the edges of the spill to contain it instantly. Apply SpillClear Pro over the top of the remaining spill and leave for a couple of minutes. Use the scraper provided to move the granules in to the spill. If you are cleaning up chemicals then please ensure you are using suitable PPE. Once the spill has been absorbed, simply sweep up the granules, which will leave no reside behind.

SpillClear Pro – 5 Litres

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