Smelly Gel Pro

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Safe & Effective Rust Remover & Tannin Stain Remover

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Smelly Gel Pro is designed to remove rust stains from delicate surfaces, when other rust removers cannot be used due to their corrosive nature. Smelly Gel Pro converts rust compounds in to water soluble solution, that will change colour on activation. This can then be rinsed away with clean water. The Neutral PH allows for a winder range of uses, for example Tannin stains on render.

Smelly Gel Pro is highly concentrated and efficient at removing rust and oxidisation from marble, stone, wood, paint, fibreglass, concrete and limestone.

Apply a generous amount of the product neat to the dry surface. Leave the product to react using the following timings:

Light staining = 10 minutes

Heavy staining = Up to 2 hours

Once applied, do not let the product dry out, reapply if the surface becomes dry. Rinse clean with plenty of water. Marking may occur initially on some surfaces, however, this will fade over the following 48 hours.

Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with soapy water.

Coverage: up to 3m2 per litre. Product comes supplied in 1 litre bottles.

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1 review for Smelly Gel Pro

  1. jakesmout

    I used this on a large patio which had hundreds of small rust stains left from garden furniture. Applied Smelly gel pro, you can see it working, let it dwell for a while and rinsed well. Totally removed the marks, you can’t achieve these results with pressure alone. Awesome product.

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