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PureSeal RenderSeal Pro, developed and tested with Wayne & Layla Nyland of H2O Exterior is a professional grade, invisible protective coating that will prevent water ingress on rendered wall structures. It can be used on vertical surfaces and doesn’t change the texture or the colour of the surface it has been applied to. This completely breathable product is easy to apply due to it’s water-based formulation.

Surface Preparation:

Remove all surface contamination and debris completely prior to application. Application: Always test a small area before use to ensure compatibility. Shake the container well before use. Apply with a brush, roller or sprayer.

Apply an even first coat at a rate of 8-10m2 per litre. Once the first coat starts to soak in, apply a second coat wet on wet. Do not allow the product to dry in-between coats. Avoid runs, drips or puddling by removing any excess product from each coat.

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