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PureSeal Anti Graffiti Coating GraffitiBlock Pro


PureSeal Anti Graffiti Coating GraffitiBlock Pro stops graffiti attacks adhering to the underlying surface. Furthermore, once applied and cured, simply wash graffiti away with soap and water.

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PureSeal Anti Graffiti Coating GraffitiBlock Pro is an outstanding, highly effective, one time application, anti-graffiti coating. Furthermore, there is no need for re-application. Applying this product to most surfaces offers permanent protection from graffiti attacks. Wash graffiti away with soap and water. GraffitiBlock Pro is for masonry, natural stone, concrete, metal, wood, and more.
Remove any existing soiling or graffiti before application then apply to the surface using a brush, roller or airless sprayer.Ensure that an even coat is applied and not too thin. GraffitiBlock Pro is touch dry in 3-4 hours and fully cured in 24 hours. Clean all equipment with the white spirit after use. Do not apply in temperatures below 5 degrees. After application, remove graffiti with soap and water or a low-pressure clean at no more than 70 bars. To prevent concrete surfaces from darkening, and before applying to very porous surfaces, it is advisable to use a sealer before applying GraffitiBlock Pro. Remember, it is very important that you apply enough product to this surface to ensure that it is effective. Do not under apply the product otherwise the product will fail. Coverage varies depending on the porosity of the surface and will be in the region of 8-10m² per litre. Do not dilute this product.

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