OilClear Pro 1 LitreOilClear Pro 1 Litre

OilClear Pro 1 Litre


Super Concentrated Oil Remover – Not Suitable For Tarmac

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OilClear Pro 1 Litre

Oil Clear Pro is a super concentrated formula that pushes oil out from deep within the surface. It will remove contamination without leaving any residue. Oil Clear Pro is formulated to remove stubborn hard to remove grease and oil stains. This will not damage natural and sensitive surfaces such as marble or granite.

Oil Clear Pro effectively removes stubborn stains and grease from driveways, patios, natural stone, block paving, wood, decking and all concrete substrates.

Always test a small inconspicuous area first.

Apply a saturated coat to the affected area using a garden sprayer. Leave the product work for up to 1 hour depending on the level of staining. Remove from the surface using hot water or a jet wash. Repeat the process if staining is still evident until area is free of contamination.

Coverage up to 3m2 per litre.

Performance of this product will vary depending on oil type and surface.

(OilClear Pro 1 Litre)

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