Nu-Clear Pro 4 X 20 LitresNu-Clear Pro 4 X 20 Litres

Nu-Clear Pro 20L


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Nu-Clear Pro 20L

Nu-Clear Pro In 20 Litres. This May Be Shipped In Limited Quantities (4 x 5 Litres) Depending On Order Size And Location. PureSeal Nu-Clear Pro Is A Fusion Of Sodium Hypochlorite, Surfactants, Wetting Agents & Scent Mask Formulated To Clean, Sanitise & Disinfect Most External Hard Surfaces. This product should not be used as a biocide. It Has Been Formulated To Offer Powerful Cleaning At Low Dilution Ratios. Dilute To A Ratio Of 1:5 And Apply With A Sprayer Or Brush, Leave Dwell For 30-40 Mins Then Rinse Thoroughly.  

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Weight 20 kg