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Artificial Grass & Sports Surface Freshner

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Pureseal NeutraTurf Pro is a professional grade treatment for all artificial surfaces. It is a cleaner and neutraliser in one which will remove any smells from the surface and will break down pet urine to ensure that it is removed completely rather than masking the odours. Bleach free and easy to use, NeutraTurf Pro will clean your artificial surface whilst leaving them smelling fresh.

Always test a small hidden portion of the substrate before use to check compatibility and performance before commencing with the whole area. Ideal operating temperature between 100C & 200C. Do not apply in damp/wet conditions or if rain is expected within 24 hours of application. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Keep children & pets/animals away until cleaning process is complete and surface is dry.

Remove any loose debris from the surface with a brush or leaf blower prior to application. Dilute the product between 1: 10 up to 1 :20 depending on the condition of the surface you are treating. Apply the NeutraTurf Pro across the surface with an airless sprayer at a rate of 6m2 per litre. Once applied, the product can be left on the surface to work with no rinsing required. Do not use the treated area, and keep pets off the surface, until completely dry. If you want to give the surface a quick freshen up then dilute the product and apply using the instructions above, allow to dwell on the surface for 20 minutes then rinse with a hose pipe.

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