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Joint-It Fine For Block Paving


Neutral colour sweep in compound for block paving

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For joints 3mm wide or smaller.
Ideal for Residential and Home Improvements
Our expert solution should be applied by a contractor for long-lasting results. Where other sands and grouts can crack allowing weeds to flourish, Joint-It Fine is naturally formulated to increase pH levels in the joints to repel weed and windborne weed seed growth in the joints. Minimum Effort, Maximum Results: All you need is a brush, water, and a bag of our block paving sand.
  • Weed Resistant
  • Self-Repair Cracks
  • Stain Resistant
  • Hardens when dry
  • Water-Permeable
  • Certified Environmentally Friendly
Repair Cracks, Prevent Weeds
Joint-It Fine eliminates the task of removing weeds all year round. The innovative binding technology in our paving jointing sand creates a joint that constantly repairs any small cracks. Rain swells the 100% raw, organic, natural ingredients in the joint filling sand to consistently repair all microcracks which means no weeds can plant and flourish.
Important Note
Joint-It Fine is best applied on a newly laid driveway, where there has been no previous weed growth. If applying on an existing driveway, you will need to use a pressure washer to clean out all of the joints completely to ensure there are no weeds. After this, spray all the joints to ensure no weed plants are left. Then you can apply Joint-It Fine. Joint-It Fine is a preventative product, but it won’t stop weeds growing that have already planted in the joints before application.

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