AutoLine High Foam TFR

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AutoLine High Foam TFR is a concentrated, high foam transport cleaner that is suitable for cleaning all plant, fleet, vans and equipment, when applied through a foam lance, it will produce a thick, high cling foam that adheres to vertical surfaces for total cleaning. It will easily remove all dirt, general road film, chassis grease, salt deposits and bugs. It comes ready to use via a pressure washer for easy operator application.


  • High foam formulation for total cleaning
  • Premium product with high shine rinse aid.
  • Quick dwell time and outstanding adhesion to vertical surfaces
  • Versatile cleaner for all vehicles, trucks and tractors.

Application instructions.

For Pressure Washer Application – Add to the detergent tank and apply hot or cold via a foam lance as normal or add to a foam cannon bottle. Spray area to be cleaned and allow to sit for around 5 minutes, do not allow to dry. Rinse well with high pressure hot or cold water working from the bottom up.

(AutoLine High Foam TFR)

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