AutoLine HD Wheel Cleaner

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AutoLine HD Wheel Cleaner is a dedicated wheel cleaner that will remove all traces of black brake dust from steel wheels, wheel trims and painted alloy wheels. It is supplied as a concentrate and will quickly and efficiently clean wheels in one go.


  • Fast acting, one step trade wheel cleaner.
  • Removes the heaviest brake dust deposits.
  • Economical to use, supplied in concentrate form.
  • Deep cleans wheel barrels.

Application instructions.

For Wheel Cleaning – Dilute between 1-4 & 1-8 with water depending on the level of soiling. Spray area to be cleaned liberally via a trigger spray bottle or pump up spray and allow to sit for around 2-3 minutes, do not allow to dry, agitate with a wheel brush and rinse well with a pressure washer.

(AutoLine HD Wheel Cleaner)

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