AutoLine HD Degreaser

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AutoLine HD Degreaser is a concentrated product developed to replace harsh solvents with a VOC Emission Free formulation that is suitable for all degreasing and oil removal applications. It can be used for degreasing chassis, axle and driveline components, cleaning oil and grease spills on floors and concrete yards (do not use on asphalt). The heavy-duty formulation will also remove the fifth wheel greaser prior to servicing and re-application.


  • Heavy Duty, solvent-free degreaser.
  • 100% VOC Free
  • Removes all oils, greases and dirt from any surface.
  • Versatile cleaner for many applications on plant, agricultural and fleet vehicles.
Application instructions.

For Pressure Washer Application – Dilute between 1-2 & 1-20 with water depending on the level of soiling. Spray area to be cleaned liberally via a trigger spray bottle or pump up spray and allow to sit for around 5 minutes, do not allow to dry. Rinse well with high-pressure hot or cold water working from the bottom up.

For Soak Application – Add between 250 and 500ml per 10L of soak tank capacity, soak the parts to be cleaned, this can be hot or cold, agitate well then rinse with clean water or steam off with a pressure washer for best results.

For Brush Application – Add between 250 and 1000ml to a 10L bucket, apply with a soft brush and agitate all of the area to be cleaned, do not allow to dry. Rinse well with high pressure hot or cold water working from the bottom up.

AutoLine HD Degreaser

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