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Graffiti Clear Pro is specially formulated to remove all types of graffiti – pen marker/spray paint. This professional grade, eco solvent based formulation can be used on porous and non porous surfaces.

Remove any moss, dirt or any other debris from the surface. A firm bristle brush is ideal. Do not use if rain is forecast or in wet weather. Ideal application temperature is between 70C and 300C. Keep pets away until the surface is fully washed and dried out completely. We recommend that the product is left to work for up to 24 hours, this should produce a more effective finish and a brighter surface.

Always test a small area to confirm application times and effect on surface. This also helps calculate usage. DO NOT DILUTE. Ensure the surface is dry and apply a generous coat. Cold conditions will impact the performance of this product when it comes to graffiti/paint removal.

Allow the Graffiti Clear Pro to work leaving for the following recommended times:

Spray paint Spray paint/pen on porous surface – up to 30 mins

Agitate with a stiff brush and rinse clean, alternatively use a power washer.

If stains persist repeat the application.

If a shadow or mark remains use a heavy duty cleaner.

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