Expert Stain & Seal Professional Wood Care – 3.8 LitresExpert Stain & Seal Professional Wood Care – 3.8 Litres

Expert Stain & Seal Professional Wood Care – 3.8 Litres

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Eco-Friendly Stains.

EXPERT Stain & Seal is designed and tested in the real world – on the same decks and fences you work on every day. We understand the risks high VOCs pose to people, pets, and the environment. We’ve made it our job to make them as safe as possible – so they present real positive impacts on the spaces you’ll create with EXPERT Stain & Seal. Our stain is designed to emit low VOCs (<250 g/l) from the moment you remove the lid – throughout the application, the drying process, and long after. Lower VOC means less gas off and reduced pollutants – a safer experience for all and the environment.

Easy-to-Apply & Clean Up.

Our EXPERT finishes leave no streaking, running, or overlap marks. Nor will it peel, chip, or crack. EXPERT Stain & Seal easily self-levels on vertical surfaces and with little back brushing on horizontal surfaces. For a quick and easy clean-up  spray brick, concrete, or other non-staining surfaces with a watering hose, and cover garden furniture, bar-b-ques, plants, or grass using protective sheeting.

Protection that Lasts.

Our deep penetrating Conditioning Oil Formula is a proprietary blend of drying and non-drying oils combined with high-quality pigments to provide professional-grade protection with high- solids coverage and color quality. EXPERT seeps into the top layers of wood and seals the non-drying oils deep within. preventing water absorption, UV damage, cupping. warping, cracking and loss of color.

Application Guidelines.

Mix contents well before use, and stir contents often during use. Stir thoroughly, as pigment may settle. DO NOT THIN THIS PRODUCT. If using multiple drums of stain, mix them together  for uniformity. Apply using a brush roller or sprayer. Apply one coat by fully saturating the wood surface with a generous amount of stain. Do not allow the stain to pool or puddle on flat surfaces. Remove or spread out any stain left on the wood surface after 30-60 minutes. EXPERT Stain & Seal self-levels on vertical surfaces, while back brushing may be required on horizontal surfaces. Using a dry cloth, remove puddled or excess stain after application from flat, horizontal surfaces. If not removed it may leave a shiny film on the surface, delay drying times, and cause premature failure.


Rough timber: 10-16m2 per drum Smooth timber: 16-24m2 per drum

Drying & Cure Time.

EXPERT Stain & Seals penetrating oils go deep into the wood, drying slowly for several days after application. Finished colour can take up to several weeks for true colour. DO NOT walk on stained surfaces for 24 hours, allwing 72 hours for light traffic.

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Natural Transparent, Clear Transparent, Cape Cod Semi-Solid