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Patio and Pathway Cleaning and Sealing

Installing patios and pathways is a huge investment and the best way to protect this investment is to keep it cleaned and sealed. These exterior features of your property are exposed to various elements such as organic growth, grease, stains and insects that could damage and lose their integrity.

By sealing your patios and pathways, cleaning them is much easier as it deters insects and pests and prevents oils and other types of stains from adhering to the concrete surface. It assures a long-lasting beauty and value and saves you from costly repairs.

But when it comes to selecting the cleaning methods to use for these exterior features of your home, it is important to note the pros and cons of each method. For many property owners, using pressure-washing is more time-efficient and provides cleaner results. However, it is also important to note that the high-pressure water jet can degrade the concrete surface and bring irreparable damage to your patio and pathway.

At PureSeal Services UK Ltd, we use a high-quality and efficient softwashing method as an alternative to pressure cleaning. This method provides detailed cleaning and amazing results without causing damage to the concrete surface.

If you are looking for skilled cleaning technicians to take care of your patio and pathway’s cleaning and sealing needs, our team at PureSeal Services UK Ltd is the best choice.

Reliable Patio and Pathway Cleaning and Sealing Technicians

At PureSeal Services UK Ltd, our team of professional cleaning technicians are experts when it comes to cleaning different types of exterior surfaces such as patio, pathways, decks, roof slates and tiles, and more.

We use quality-proven softwashing techniques and HSE-approved and label-compliant biocides to remove and control moulds, bacteria, algae, fungus, and other types of organic growths that could damage the surface if left uncleaned and untreated.

The chemical products we use are developed by our in-house chemists and are proven effective to remove all types of microorganisms that could shorten the lifespan of your exterior surfaces. We are complete with all the products and specialist equipment necessary for a detailed and dependable patio and pathway cleaning.

For more information about our softwashing services and HSE-approved biocides, you may call on 0333 577 8086 and speak to one of our specialists. You may also email us at info@puresealservices.co.uk for enquiries or to book an appointment.

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