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BacClear Pro

PureSeal BacClear Pro

PureSeal BacClear Pro is our fully approved and licensed Bac50 product and is registered on the COPR database (No 10878) as a surface biocide.

PureSeal BacClear Pro is a professional grade biocide that is fast acting against biological growth on external hard surfaces. BacClear Pro can be used on a majority of surfaces and 1 coat applied with a brush or a sprayer is enough to break the reproductive cycle of microbial surface contaminants. BacClear Pro should be used as a treatment after steam cleaning/pressure washing or as a maintenance treatment. Unlike our BioClear Pro (DDAC) product, BacClear Pro can have a reduced performance in hard water areas and in colder conditions. BacClear pro is a perfect preventative maintenance treatment for sealed surfaces and will prolong the longevity of the protective coating.

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BacClear Pro is formulated using an active ingredient called Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride (BAC50) that combats biofilm and other unwanted organisms effectively. It has no harsh additives and in its undiluted state it is suspended in water only. It is bleach, acid and solvent free and when diluted to the correct ratio, it will eradicate algae, mould lichen and other biofilms. BacClear is perfect for applications where the surface has been steamed or pressure washed prior to treatment. If you scrape roofs then apply a biocide, then we recommend our BioClear Pro product.

BacClear Pro is an excellent pre treatment for surfaces that are going to be coated including decking, block paving etc. It is also an excellent product to use to maintain previously coated/sealed surfaces.

BacClear Pro is a reliable and effective biocide that is approved by the HSE to use on external hard surfaces. Simply dilute to the required ratio, apply it to the surface using the guidelines set out below and leave it to self cleanse. If you live in a hard water area, you may experience reduced performance depending on the level of hard water salts. To eliminate any issues relating to reduced performance and if you live in a hard water area, then we would recommend using our BioClear product which is our unaffected DDAC product.

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When using BacClear Pro to treat roof tiles & slates, we would advise to pre-clean the surface first using the necessary equipment enabling you to do this safely.

The best scrapers and blades available to purchase and are excellent value for money can be found at Marshall ProGutter Vac Systems and Roof Scraper Ltd. These will allow you to remove any moss from a roof safely and accurately prior to biocide application. There are many reputable companies that sell suitable equipment for the safe application of biocides, but we can highly recommend Rutland Pumps and AC Pressure Washers.

Before applying BacClear Pro it is important to ensure that all downpipes are disconnected and use gutter sleeves to collect any run off. We recommend using a sprayer or a brush attachment attached to the correct spray equipment for application. Diluted to a ratio of 1:20 and applied at a rate of 1 litre per 1m2BacClear Pro will produce a foam allowing the product to stick to the surface as it kills any remaining contaminants whilst penetrating the surface, creating a protective barrier. BacClear Pro can be applied after a roof has been scraped, this is down to the personal preference of the contractor applying the biocide treatment and in this scenario, it should be applied to the surface and left to self cleanse.

BacClear Pro should be expected to keep light staining away for 2-3 years. This period can be prolonged with a maintenance plan to be agreed between the applicator and their customer.

You can download our BacClear Pro for roofs PDF at the bottom of this page.

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When using BacClear Pro on render, for the best results, we suggest using our ClingFilm Pro product as a post treatment to remove any remaining black metabolic staining. If there are rust stains or tannin stains on the render then our Smelly Gel Pro Product can be used to remove these stains. The foam produced by BacClear Pro will enable the product to cling to the surface long enough to kill off the surface contaminants. Some staining will take longer to completely disappear. To speed up this process, ClingFilm Pro can be used.

When applying BacClear Pro we recommend using a sprayer or a brush attachment attached to the correct spray equipment for application. Diluted to a ratio of 1:20 and applied at a rate of 1 litre per 0.5m2.

BacClear Pro should be expected to keep render free from contamination for a minimum of 2 years. This period can be prolonged with a maintenance plan to be agreed between the applicator and their customer.

You can download our BacClear Pro for render PDF at the bottom of this page.
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BacClear Pro can be used to treat ground surfaces including decking, natural stone, block paving, tarmac and artificial surfaces. If moss is present on the surface then we advise that this is to be removed prior to applying BacClear Pro. Once this has been done apply BacClear Pro at the ratios and coverage rates in the chart below. We highly recommend using a sprayer with a foaming nozzle or fan jet attached as this will give the applicator a good visual guide as to where the product has been applied to ensure an even coverage.

You can download our BioClear Pro for amenities PDF at the bottom of this page.

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What is BacClear Pro?

BacClear Pro. BAC50 or Benzalkonium chloride is among the four-part ammonium class of biocides known for its detergency and dual biocidal properties. The efficiency of its biocidal properties usually depends on its capability to perform as a cationic surfactant when it comes to it disrupting and binding intracellular or cellular membranes often linked with biochemical processes. Disturbance of such functions makes sure that it has a high activity level against fungi, bacteria, and other viruses, especially low concentrations.

Moreover, it is also not recognised to accumulate in the organic environment even under regular use. It exuded a high level of biodegradability when it was tested according to the OECD test protocol. This means that it doesn’t bioaccumulate in organisms since clays and humid substances readily neutralise their aquatic toxicity, preventing it from migrating across different environmental compartments.

Because of this, BacClear Pro provides for a safe, fast, and powerful antimicrobial activity even at low ppm. Its strong detergency also guarantees the seamless removal of organic soil, which often contains various microbes.

It also offers easy formulation for biocidal activities in conditions that have high-organic contamination while retaining the same level of activity and stability in aqueous, organic solvents and highly alkaline formulations. Not only that, but these disinfectants are also non-toxic, odour-free, and non-tainting as well at the usual use dilutions.

It is not permitted to use BAC50 based products to kill moss!

As BAC50 possesses antimicrobial and antifungal processes, it is highly effective in killing and controlling biofilms, however you can not use it to kill moss. Mechanical removal will be required prior to applying a licensed and approved biocide. Using a mechanical brush or pressure washer to remove the moss is best practice. Bac50 is used in both the textile and leather industry, it helps protect natural fibres from mould and fungi by inhibiting its growth while facilitating softening and dyeing of acrylic fibres and leather as well.

Moreover, it is also common in households since it is used to clean different types of surfaces to help prevent algae,mildew, and fungi ad other biofilms on roofings, sheds, wooden deckings, or masonry.

Compared to other products, its intense concentration makes for an effective solution against any unwanted organisms in your residence. You’d only need to dilute approximately 25 parts of water to a 1 part chemical ratio. For light growth, this also works with a 40-1 ratio. This also makes for a suitable choice, especially when you’re dealing with hard surfaces like patios, paths, roof tiles, and more, which can be particularly hard to clean in the first place. Using benzalkonium chloride 50 also provides long-lasting effects as it would take several years for the moss to grow back once applied. Not only that, but it also doesn’t pose any threat to either of your kids or pets since it’s generally safe once the surface has already dried.

How to use BioClear Pro?

To apply, it’s recommended that you first remove as much moss as you manually can before treating the surface. Then, since it’s highly concentrated and not ready to use, you should also be extra cautious when preparing the product; use at least eye goggles or gloves for safety to avoid skin irritation. Dilute as per the instructions on the label.

Professionals often use this for cleaning purposes and to stunt regrowth of growth, but it’s also applicable for almost anyone to use. For best results, you may reapply this on your surfaces at least every two years, depending on the rate of dirt build up. Also, it’s best to remember not to use the product if weather forecasts rain or wind in 24 hours.

Furthermore, make sure to keep children and pets away from the surface until it has completely dried up and do not allow it to enter waterways or your drains. For roof applications, a backpack sprayer can be used, but watering can also suffice for patios. Moreover, since the chemical is water-soluble, it mixes reasonably easily.


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