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Our Services

PureSeal Services are a team of experienced hard surface restorers and chemists that create chemicals specifically for softwashing and hard surface cleaning. We have over 15 years of experience in these fields which gives us the ability to create chemicals to combat organic growth and remove non-organic blemishes and stains that you will encounter on a day to day basis. We have a vast range of chemicals including licensed biocides which hold COPR approval from the HSE, label compliant oxidisers, surface coatings and much more making PureSeal your one stop shop for hard surface restorations.

We have an ever expanding customer base in the UK including contractors, small business owners, home owners and property developers and we have our nationwide network of PureSeal Approved Applicators. Our products are backed up with our exceptional customer service and technical advice that ensures that you receive the highest level of customer service, at all times.

  • Driveway Cleaning & Sealing

    PureSeal Services Ltd Driveway Cleaning Treatment

    PureSeal are specialists in all aspects of driveway cleaning including block paving cleaning, re-sanding and sealing. If you have a pattern imprinted concrete driveway that has faded over time, we can re-tint and re-seal the concrete and bring it back to life and add an anti-slip coating to make it safer under foot when wet. We can also restore tired looking tarmac and asphalt driveways.

  • Roof Cleaning

    PureSeal Services Ltd Roof Cleaning Treatment

    If your roof is looking tired and dirty then our roofline restoration services can fix this. We can use one of our softwash chemicals to remove dirt, algae, and lichens and also control moss. We can clean your roof using purpose made roof scraping blades or we can steam the roof using long reach poles with cleaning attachments that prevent walking on your roof.

  • Render Cleaning

    PureSeal Services Ltd Render Cleaning Treatment

    We safely work on all types of render systems from through colour, thin coat silicone to Ewi. K-rend, Wetherby, and Parex to name a few can all be safely cleaned with no damage to the substrate. We use our own HSE approved products that deliver results safely. Algae on render can come in different forms and react differently to soft washing depending on the method used.

  • Cladding Cleaning

    PureSeal Services Ltd Cladding Cleaning Treatment

    Cleaning cladding regularly will ensure that it maintains its weatherproofing, appearance and avoid the build-up of organic matter and stains, which can detract from the buildings appearance. If the build of organic matter is allowed to continue, over time it will damage the surface and lose its ability to remain watertight and weatherproof.

  • Exterior Building Cleaning

    PureSeal Services Ltd Exterior Cleaning Treatment

    Buildings can get contaminated with dirt and biofilms very quickly. We have the knowledge and safe practices to remove algae, carbon build up, graffiti and dirt etc. All of our team hold all the relevant licenses to enable them to work safely at heights using various machines and equipment ensuring that not only are they safe, but your buildings and the general public are too.

  • Paving & Patio Cleaning

    PureSeal Services Ltd Paving Cleaning Treatment

    Is your patio covered with barbeque grease and rust from your garden furniture? Not only can we clean general dirt and grime from your hard surfaces, we also have a range of professional use chemicals that will effectively remove everyday stains like rust, oils, efflorescence and mortar stains leaving your patio’s and pathways in pristine condition.

  • Natural Stone

    PureSeal Services Ltd Natural stone Cleaning Treatment

    Internal and External natural stone can be brought back to life with our stone and patio restoration services. If you have a Sandstone patio or a Slate kitchen floor, our products and expert knowledge will revive your surfaces. We can restore all stone surfaces by cleaning, removing any organic or inorganic stains and sealing afterwards to offer prolonged protection.

  • Tennis Court Cleaning

    PureSeal Services Ltd Tennis Court Cleaning Treatment

    Regular maintenance will improve play, drainage, improve aesthetic appearance, reduce slippage injuries, provide a safe surface to play on and extend the life of the court. To achieve this, regular maintenance needs to be adhered to. Regular biocide applications will ensure that organic growth does not take hold; we recommend this is undertaken twice a year where possible.

  • Thatched Roof Cleaning

    PureSeal Services Ltd Thatched roof Cleaning Treatment

    Cleaning helps to free thatch from moss, algae or debris that could cause it damage unseen over time. Manual cleaning will ensure that moss, fir needles and leaves are removed from the roof. Moisture can build up over time causing it to remain wet even in dry conditions and as result it can allow fungi to take hold. Cleaning saves the thatch material from rotting.

  • Decking & Timber Cleaning

    PureSeal Services Ltd Decking and Timber Cleaning Treatment

    Often, we use treated timber to make our structures last longer. However, timber that is exposed to the outdoor elements constantly will become damaged, moulded, dirty and mildewed. This can cause the timber to rot faster and become slippery and dangerous if on ground level. Our biocides protect the timber and are also a wood preservative that prevents wood rot by killing off fungi.

If you require further details about any of our services then please us any of the contact methods on this page.
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Our Best Selling Products

Restore Tech Pro

Restore Tech Pro

Restore & Protect Faded Surfaces

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Stone Tech Pro

Stone Tech Pro

Nano Sealer For Porous Surfaces

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Glass Tech Pro

Glass Tech Pro

Nano Sealer For All Glass Surfaces

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Advanced Tech Pro

Advanced Tech Pro

Superior Multi Surface Nano Tech Sealer For Most Surfaces

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3 Year Moss Free Warranty (T's & C's apply)

All of our Approved Applicators have undergone training on cleaning techniques, identifying biofilms, how to treat these unwanted organisms and how to apply protective coatings. Once they have completed their restoration to meet your needs, you will have the option to sign up to an annual maintenance plan to keep the moss, algae and dirt away. A simple maintenance treatment with one of our licensed biocides can prolong the initial cleaning process for years to come.

What Is Softwashing?

A Low Pressure Cleaning Alternative

Softwashing is a low pressure cleaning alternative to Pressure Washing that uses chemicals to remove and control algae, moss, lichen and other organic biofilms.

Softwashing is a safe cleaning process that has zero risk of damaging your hard surfaces. It is a safe, effective and affordable non-pressure cleaning process.

A Low Pressure Cleaning Alternative
Softwashing is a low pressure cleaning alternative to Pressure Washing that uses chemicals to remove and control algae, moss, lichen and other organic biofilms.

Softwashing is a safe cleaning process that has zero risk of damaging your hard surfaces. It is a safe, effective and affordable non-pressure cleaning process.

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Maintenance Plans

Whether you work in the plumbing, home security or pressure washing industry, maintenance contracts have a lot to offer you as a customer. Not only can they provide immediate financial benefits, but they can give you peace of mind when unexpected problems arise – and even help guard against the possibility of others developing in future.

Although slightly different, our maintenance contracts are designed with our products in mind, giving our customers the best results and ensuring that your surfaces look pristine for longer periods of time. Our Approved Applicators have the knowhow, equipment and products to achieve this. The initial cost of restoring your surfaces will be higher than an annual maintenance plan as this is where the majority of the work takes place. Cutting through the biofilms and getting them under control. After this procedure has been completed, the results achieved can be maintained for years to come with, in most cases, a spray treatment of one of our hard surface biocidal products.

All of our restoration work will come with an offer of opting in to one of our maintenance plans. These are generally provided with 3 service levels and are paid by standing order/direct debit on a monthly basis. You will receive your no obligation maintenance quote once your initial work has been completed


Specialist Services

Our dedicated team offer around the clock cleaning solutions for our commercial clients. We are on hand 24/7 to ensure that we are there when you need us the most. Call us free on 0333 577 8086 to discuss having your business, organisation or team registered to a dedicated account manager.

Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing Gum Removal

Small or large area chewing gum removal service.
Urine Deflection Systems

Urine Deflection Systems

Specialist coatings for hard surfaces that are being used as a toilet. The coating that fights back.
Graffiti Removal & Anti Graffiti Coatings

Graffiti Removal & Anti Graffiti Coatings

High pressure or chemical stripping of graffiti/paint spillages. We can also apply anti-graffiti coatings to many hard surfaces.
Exterior Brickwork Cleaning

Exterior Brickwork Cleaning

General pressure washing, steam cleaning and acid washing of new build/existing properties.
Car Park Cleaning/Maintenance

Car Park Cleaning/Maintenance

High pressure cleaning and moss/debris removal for large car parking and communal areas.
Stone Memorial Restoration

Stone Memorial Restoration

Softwash treatment systems for stone memorials of all types.


What is Biocide?

It can be defined as a microorganism or a chemical substance that is intended to render, destroy and deter the control of any harmful organisms. It can also be referred to as a substance that can destroy living things for example pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

What are biocides used for?

Biocides have various uses; sometimes health professionals and patients skin might be contaminated, and biocides are used for decontamination purposes. They are also effective for decontaminating every other surface that could harbor bacteria. As well as the instruments that get in contact with human bodies during health procedures.

Again, biocides are effective when used as antiseptics that treat infections in damaged skins and the mucous membrane.

Consumer Products

If you are careful enough you will notice almost all consumer products have biocide in them, for example, cosmetic products, building materials, the products used for cleaning in households, wallpapers that make houses beautiful, textiles, and furniture.

Production of food

In the food industry biocides are commonly used as food preservatives and disinfectants. The biocide disinfects containers used to store food, the equipment involved, transportation, and storage of drinks and food.

In livestock farming

When it comes to protecting livestock from diseases that they are capable of passing to human beings biocides are most efficient. They also disinfect farm and animal buildings from pests, algae, lichen, and bacteria to name a few. These products can be purchased from PureSeal Services UK Ltd.

Can biocides be harmful to humans?

Generally, biocides are useful for controlling unwanted, dangerous, and harmful organisms. They not only kill pathogens but also none pathogens, so this means in some cases they might be dangerous for living things. It is even riskier for pregnant women, toddlers, unborn, and people with terminal and chronic diseases.

Biocide exposure either happens by inhaling or dermal contact. For example, inhalation occurs when you happen to be present in a room where biocides are being sprayed or where it has evaporated. On the other hand, dermal exposures are when there is actual use, cleaning, or transportation.

Workers who are exposed to biocides may begin to suffer from illnesses later on in their lives that are brought about by being exposed to biocides; this is especially common for healthcare professionals. They might be exposed to the biocides through primary exposure that is directly, or the second exposure that is indirect. The primary involves the active use of the product by the worker while secondary exposure means may happen after the use of the biocides products for example while you are cleaning contaminated items.

Biocides are used mostly in medicine, forestry agriculture, and the industries. An example is a chlorine that is used by so many people as a short life kind of biocide in water treatment industries, and the hotel industry uses it as a disinfectant in the swimming pools. Most biocides are synthetic, but on the other hand, they are natural biocides that occur naturally like plants and bacteria. They can also include pesticides like herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Another type is antimicrobial that contains antibiotics, antifungals, antibacterial, anti-parasites, and germicides.

Environmental risks caused by biocides

Since biocides are intended to eliminate living organisms, most of them pose a huge risk to the environment. People working around biocides are required to handle it with care and to use the appropriate working gear and equipment. It has a significant effect on the environment as well. An example is the antifouling paints that have been proved to have long-lasting and serious effects on marine life. That is why most of these materials have been banned in various countries.it is advisable to dispose of unwanted or used biocides carefully to prevent damage to the environment.

Is salt a biocide?

There are strong restrictions in place regarding the use of biocides as a means to protect the world against hazardous organisms such as germs, pests as well as the effects brought about by active chemicals in the biocide. Not every kind of salt can be used in the manufacture of biocides (chlorine). Certain salts are used to make biocides others cannot.


Biocides have both advantages and disadvantages. They act as disinfectors and decontaminators, meaning they are essential for the correct functioning of human beings. On the other hand, they come with limitations as well. Make sure to use them for the right purpose, buy biocide at UK Biocide suppliers and contact PureSeal Services UK Ltd for any further questions or clarity.


We have a Biocidal product that is safe to use on any surface including...



Tarmac & Asphalt

Tarmac & Asphalt

Paving & Stone

Paving & Stone

Block Paving

Block Paving

Decking & Timber

Decking & Timber

Artificial Surfaces

Artificial Surfaces

Roof Slates & Tiles

Roof Slates & Tiles

Thatched Roofs

Thatched Roofs

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